These inches have got to go.

Hello, my name is Candy.
I am 20 years old.
I am 5'1.
Gained my weight back through my pregnancy.
110 to 185 back to 110

Question for the runners with the big knockers!

Okay. I would reallllllly love to start running. I started the other day, and my boobs were all over the place! They were yanking at my chest, taking my breath, and it hurts my back and neck significantly. I have DD’s. I feel like I will have to duck tape them down! I have tried different types of sports bras but I’m still not getting any relief. Anyone have any suggestions? 

I did what?!

I went 7 miles today! My feet are killing me but I’m so proud of myself! Even when I give up I have to keep remembering how amazing I will feel about myself afterwards, and I will thank myself later! 

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